Race To Erase
Race To Erase


Race Results

On behalf of the charities, we would like to thank all participants & volunteers for taking part in the 14th Annual Race to Erase. Congratulations to Read It and Weep, this year's Race to Erase Champs! They finished the events in 1645 seconds. The final times have been posted below.

This year's event raised $27,954! Congratulations to this year's top fundraising team, Pathways to Victory, for raising more than $2,421 for Pathways Health Centre For Children. To check out how much each charity raised this year, visit the Charities page. Please note that we are still updating this page and this will be completed in the next week.

See you next year Sarnia!

Top 3 Fastest Times
Read It and Weep - 1645 s
The 789s - 1810 s
Gimme Shelter - 1832 s

Individual Stop Winners
B. Pathways Health Centre for Children. - Tech Talk (tmrrw inc. - 127 s)
B. Pathways Health Centre for Children. - Tech Talk (TKO - 127 s)
C. Grace United Guiding - I'm Proud to be a Girl Guide (Read It and Weep - 84 s)
D. That Girl's Got Moxie - Unlock the Cure (Read It and Weep - 211 s)
F. Fleck Law - Brain Freeze (The Misses - 106 s)
G. Mainstreet Credit Union - Spare Change (Thing 2 - Rebound - 124 s)
H. Great Lakes Refill Co. - Happy Planet (The 789s - 92 s)
I. Home Instead - Cheque it! (Thing 3 - Rebound - 100 s)
J. Vita Gardens - Spring Clean-up (Read It and Weep - 67 s)
K. Sticks & Stones Indoor Golf - Words don't hurt me (Noelle's Optom-ists - 56 s)
L. Lambton College- International Students - World Traveler (The Pink Cadillacs - 39 s)
M. Parklane Motors - Rollin' (Let it Bee - 87 s)

TeamStopTotal Time
Read It and WeepB 158C 84D 211E F 279G 140H 211I 141J 67K 139L 74M 1411645
The Magic ErasersB 209C 146D 447E F 424G 431H 198I 251J 159K 171L 135M 2062346
Team Sloth!B 371C 272D 569E F 681G 276H 314I 326J 177K 300L 125M 2533664
Let it BeeB 154C 115D 365E F 412G 203H 174I 266J 96K 203L 144M 872219
tmrrw inc.B 127C 179D 434E F 375G 255H 212I 304J 84K 191L 85M 1382384
Home is Where the Heart is B 161C 243D 483E F 508G 431H 149I 406J 122K 300L 105M 2153123
TKOB 127C 194D 354E F 652G 256H 161I 279J 108K 73L 169M 1462519
Noelle's Optom-istsB 159C 93D 228E F 709G 185H 172I 236J 121K 56L 70M 1232152
Power for PathwaysB 159C 145D 573E F 736G 212H 146I 276J 137K 104L 73M 1452706
Inside OutB 152C 140D 283E F 515G 178H 152I 260J 117K 111L 81M 1692158
The MissesB 203C 217D 293E F 106G 178H 274I 293J 147K 129L 191M 1702201
C.A.L. SAYSB 187C 167D 252E F 389G 235H 184I 274J 134K 300L 67M 1392328
The Pink CadillacsB 216C 289D 348E F 265G 180H 169I 275J 108K 259L 39M 1012249
One Step At A TimeB 176C 144D 306E F 296G 222H 220I 370J 181K 166L 173M 952349
INN 4 FUNB 199C 166D 321E F 329G 211H 158I 284J 130K 209L 183M 1892379
Thing 1 - ReboundB 212C 132D 383E F 400G 356H 187I 303J 155K 323L 94M 1082653
S.W.O.N'T Stop Us! B 172C 158D 249E F 428G 149H 170I 403J 97K 169L 87M 1452227
S.W.O.N.T. Stop Us!#2B 160C 126D 277E F 382G 223H 114I 237J 135K 87L 150M 1362027
The 789sB 133C 105D 360E F 326G 131H 92I 248J 130K 110L 45M 1301810
Cool Name PendingB 171C 147D 227E F 395G 145H 100I 242J 93K 300L 108M 1512079
Thing 3 - ReboundB 151C 102D 239E F 356G 275H 106I 100J 97K 300L 76M 1381940
R.B.S.N. Inc.B 226C 168D 289E F 390G 192H 182I 486J 96K 300L 93M 1622584
Every Child MattersB 150C 179D 425E F 340G 229H 171I 160J 123K 97L 161M 1722207
Optimist Club of Lambton Central - PetroliaB 187C 157D 241E F 420G 202H 160I 389J 147K 80L 368M 1632146
DVDAB 154C 151D 372E F 346G 127H 138I 218J 124K 109L 73M 1101922
Thing 2 - ReboundB 162C 131D 459E F 359G 124H 147I 256J 102K 300L 132M 1342306
Gimme ShelterB 166C 89D 295E F 338G 157H 185I 204J 83K 125L 97M 931832
Pathways to VictoryB 195C 126D 294E F 384G 340H 140I 225J 113K 108L 124M 1402189